The Artist

the artist and his dog, Selma The experiences of my youth planted the seeds of my adulthood from which a hybrid life of student, teacher, architect, historian and artist has emerged. My work reflects this. Layers of architectural imagery read like archeological sites that reveal their histories through interrelated fragments. Landscapes, rarely natural, show the pentimento of human hands at play in the forming of our earthly realm. All are expressions of the civilized cultivation we engage to capture Paradise.

I was born and raised in Florence, Alabama, a pretty town set among the gentle hills of the Tennessee River valley. Florence’s citizens, its fine antebellum houses, exuberant storefronts, Gothic Revival college and its notable Frank Lloyd Wright house are to this day characteristic of the traditional yet diverse, tolerant and progressive society of my youth. My more formal education continued at Auburn and Cambridge Universities, and in architectural firms in Florence, Washington DC, Montgomery, Alabama and New York. A significant part of my life has been spent teaching architecture and interior design in London, at Auburn University, and at Eton College, where my “Forrest Gump” accent gave me a certain cachet among my students.

Today, I live in Montgomery, in an early 20th century firehouse, which my partner, garden designer Mark Montoya and I have converted into our studio and home. Originally conceived as a live-work building, the firehouse has come full circle with our occupancy. It is the perfect place in which to create, meditate, share, exhibit, and then create some more. And, yes, there is a fire pole.

The work I create for myself and for others has earned the recognition, appreciation and praise of architects, designers, businesses, institutions and individuals in the United States and Europe. Galleries in New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Savannah, Birmingham, Fairhope and Montgomery have exhibited my paintings, murals, screens, wall hangings and drawings. My work has also been widely published in magazines and books, and is indicative of the variety, vigor and inspiration I bring to my clients.

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